“Mud” in the Ground!

I’m not really sure what week this is but let’s call it “Month One.” We arrived Nov 27th and got folks working a few days later. Today (New Year’s Eve) was the first delivery of concrete to fill the first set of footing forms. Required pump truck, and two truck loads of concrete plus the Mason’s crew. All and all took about 2 hours once the concrete showed up. Very rewarding!


This is “Jimmy”, the most highly recommended mason on St. John.


Next step is to remove those forms on Wednesday or Thursday and start the next set of footing forms and start building the new bedroom foundation walls and the cistern foundation. Probably three more concrete pours to go.

Rob was back home for the holidays and Carol Ann joined me here. She returns to Florida tomorrow and Rob comes back on Thursday. As we will not be together for our anniversary on January 4th, we celebrated our “Double Nickel” anniversary last night at The Terrace. Very pleasant.


We wish you all a wonderful new year and will keep you posted. Thanks for your interest in our project.



Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

One thought on ““Mud” in the Ground!”

  1. Hi, Lovers:

    You both look terrific – you never seem to age! 🙂 So glad to know all is going well. What an interesting process – even more than usual considering all the extra supports needed to make it hurricane-proof (we trust!). I bet a project like yours is the talk of the island!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! And anniversary blessings. We love you both.



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