More Concrete Progress!

January 12.
Another brisk period with lots of progress. We are still in the hands of the masons but they are here most days and trying to wrap up as soon as possible as they have some huge projects coming soon. Recall that we are adding rooms on both sides of the surviving basement. On the east side will be a new bedroom and on the west side will be a new cistern below a combination storage/laundry/utility room.

After the first concrete pour on New Year’s Eve, they are now finalizing a very ambitious second pour in the next few days.  They have formed out the walls and slab for the new bedroom and once poured, that east side will be the last concrete needed on that side.

img_0910 (1)

img_0914 (1)

I am the official “plumber” of the crew and we had our first plumbing challenge needing to install a “tree” under this slab to eventually connect the four toilets and other drains to the septic system.  The 4″ schedule 40 PVC assembly had to be very precise so the toilets could be placed exactly as planned.  There will be two baths on the lower level and another bath and powder room on the upper level and for ease of installation, the toilets will be back to back and directly on top of one another.  This allows them to be plumbed very simply.  Nice design job Rob and Na’ama!  It was tricky getting this assembly exactly where it needed to be located in the form so the concrete will be poured around them.  Took a lot of measuring, digging, plywood cutting and gluing but finally nailed it.  That was a full day of work for Rob and I and the masons gave us a lot of help too.

img_0918 (2)

img_0917 (1)

This is Rob standing on the slab floor of the new east side bedroom.  You can see the view that bedroom will have.  Recall that it is next to the surviving basement which will be converted to another bedroom next to this one.

The are also forming the final footings and floor slab of the new cistern which is next to the old cistern and the new storage/utility room will be above that.  Thus, this level is below the basement next to the original cistern.  This will grow our water storage capacity a good amount.img_0898 (1)

The footing for the new cistern.

Next week should be exciting with all of the concrete that will be poured.  Once that sets and the forms are stripped, the only remaining house concrete will be the walls and top of the new cistern.  That top will serve as the floor of the new storage/utility room next to the old “basement.”  Will keep you posted.    Bob & Rob

Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

4 thoughts on “More Concrete Progress!”

  1. All I can say is “WOW!” A lot of very precise planning and implementation – it all sounds most innovative! And I dare say no hurricane will be able to conquer that house! I can see why you say it’s so exciting. Good work – keep it up! 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us posted. We love you guys. ~Diana&Bill~


  2. Thanks for your updates Bob. It is very exciting to see the progress. Hopefully we can come back and visit after it is done!


  3. Thanks for sharing! We enjoy your updates so much! Seems to us you are moving quickly! Love and appreciate any news from Sundancer and St. John!


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