Ahh! It is a bit over a year since Rob and I returned to St. John to begin the task of creating a new Sundancer. Not “rebuilding” Sundancer, but building a NEW Sundancer. As we reported in September of 2017, the “Old” Sundancer was gone!

The New Sundancer is a product of the creative, artistic and adroit skill set of Rob and his talented wife Na’ama.

Carol Ann and I have returned to Sundancer after the Holidays during which Rob and his family took Sundancer for her first “Test Drive.”  Rob is still here working through the punch list of little, but time consuming tasks.  Carol Ann and I will stay through the end of February for the official “Shake Down Cruise.” So far so good and Sundancer will be ready for guests around March 1. Time to get your reservations in. Recall Rob offers 10% discount for previous renters.  His email is

This will be the penultimate blog post as Rob has engaged famed St. John photographer Steve Simonson to take professional photos later in the month. We will share those with you when they arrive.

In the meantime Na’ama took most of the photos below and they give a good sense of the finished product.

The furnished deck, pool and the famous Sundancer View!

A night and day view of the master shower and staircase lattice work that provides privacy and dresses up the entrance appearance of Sundancer.

Some more exterior views!

The stunning furnished interior!

Carol Ann’s new entrance mural and Na’ama, Rob, Maya and Rachel during their holiday. IMG_1720

Another beautiful Sundancer sunset.  Look for the final post early February.


Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

11 thoughts on “Done!”

  1. Thank you Bob…….Just beautiful. The home as magnificent as the views…..Happy St. John for both.

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  2. How exciting! Enjoy your winter there, & get the kinks worked out. And hey! All of that beautiful art work of Carol Ann’s is indeed “stunning,” as is the whole Kit-and-kaboodle! I dare say no hurricane will ever even DARE to take that!!! 🙂 Lotsa love to ALL of you! ~D&B~


  3. Congratulations to the entire family! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to come back there and spend some time in your beautiful home. Nice job!


  4. Congratulations! Just stunning! Enjoy! Vin and I will be on island for three weeks in February. We would love to finally meet you after all the wonderful years of vacations we enjoyed at Sundancer. You and Carol Ann have provided us with such incredible memories by opening your home to us! Kristy and Vin Yacenda


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