Sundancer Rebuild Week 3

Week 3. (Saturday December 22). Rob left Thursday to spend the holidays with his family and Carol Ann joined me the same day. (Nice trade!)

While the footings excavation wrapped up early this week, we had some no show days from the masons but they gave a full court press for the past two days with 7 or 8 men both days and made great progress. They installed an incredible amount of forms filled with steel (rebar) and they may be done today or Monday morning.

Then we wait for concrete. There is only one concrete plant on Island and they were shut down for two weeks for repairs. Now that they are back operating we are told that they have only one truck out of four operating!!

We are in pretty good shape though. SIPS (walls and roof panels) were finalized this week and ordered. They tell us about 4 weeks to make them and another 2 weeks to get them here.

Lots of other work in the meantime. We need to build a huge new retaining wall to replace the stone wall along the driveway parking area that has been moving inch by inch for 35 years because it was built on fill dirt.

Plus we have a pool to build and footings and posts for about 50 posts to support the many decks surrounding the house and pool.

Here are some photos and a link to a new video shot this afternoon.

Click here for Week 3 Video (Still sideways, sorry)  You can hear the Dominican Republic Masons singing in the background!)


Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

3 thoughts on “Sundancer Rebuild Week 3”

  1. Hi, Bob & Carol Ann: Thanks for the progress report. Looking really promising. And so glad you 2 can be together for Christmas! Please give each other hugs for us!

    Love you both, ~D&B~


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