Home Stretch!

IMG_1929Nearing completion!

Hectic past two weeks.

Let me go by departments again


All interior work is now completed and awaiting delivery of cabinetry, furnishings and all that is needed to set up housekeeping.   Just yesterday, Saturday, we installed temporary toilets and wash basins.  (see more under plumbing below.)


Rob had two single beds shipped down and he moved to Sundancer a few days ago.  I will move in today or tomorrow.  Both of us are sincerely ready to get out of our rental home and move on.  While it has been a great help to have nearby accommodations since Thanksgiving, the house is old and infested with wildlife like bats, rats and frogs, not to mention the serious mosquito issues.

All of the screens at Sundancer have been installed as well.


The big news is that the pool is finished and operational!

It is stunning with Carol Ann’s glass around the edge and her mandala on the floor, plus the beautiful marble coping on top of the edges.  Her glass murals on the retaining wall are complete and awaiting shipping when I return home next.  Rob and I have certainly been taking advantage of the pool!  All of the decking is complete.

The final major project of totally restoring the driveway is underway.


As you can see, it is a significant undertaking as it is being widened by about two feet and completely repaved.  Lighting will be install along the new curb on the lower side.

The cable for the railing system arrived this week and we began to install it along the lower deck.


It is really beautiful.  It is very high end which allows the cable to be tightened with hidden threaded plugs in the anchor posts.  Great design!  No unsightly turnbuckles which are standard in nearly all cable rail systems.


As I noted on last post we now have temporary service in the house and given I was away, I am now firing up the circuits one by one and trouble shooting where necessary.  Still a fair amount to do, but at least the house is comfortably livable.  Air conditioning in the three bedrooms will be installed this week.


Yesterday was a big day in this department as we installed the temporary toilets and basins and Rob installed two of the three showers.


I installed the hot water heater.  Recall that we salvaged the water pump from the old house and that has given us water through a hose for the duration.  However, once all was hooked up it was time to turn on the water!!     Cold first, very slowly.  First issue was downstairs east bathroom where I had just installed the toilet and basin.  The shut off on the water line to the toilet was not seated properly and had to be removed and capped until Monday.  Then, we noticed a significant outpouring under the decking.  I looked up and recalled that I had plumbed a line for a future foot washing station near the future steps coming from the driveway.  I had forgotten to cap them off.  After fixing that and a couple of slow shower faucet drips, we are able to turn on the hot water side and when that proved all good I fired up the hot water heater and declared the house safe and livable. Rob took the first shower there last night.

Time to jump in the pool with a beer!

Rob pool

So now, we do finish work.  Rob is working on the deck privacy walls separating the two lower bedrooms as well as installing the closet shelving.  He will also be building the modesty fencing around the master bedroom outdoor shower.  I will be fine tuning the electric and installing the face plates.

Sundancer is open for booking!

For any of you interested, we are now preparing for the coming rental season and will begin to take bookings for the Holidays.  Final pricing is not settled but will soon be done.  The house will be occupied by Carol Ann and I with visits from our family during January and February, but aside from that, we are ready too book.  Rob will be handling the bookings.

Aerial Views

Here are a couple of photos taken by a friend with a drone.

Until Next Time!  Bob


Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

10 thoughts on “Home Stretch!”

  1. Hi Bob,

    I will be in St Thomas far a week long guys trip, arriving next Saturday. Hope to get over to St. John. Can I stop by for a tour? As an architect I always enjoy a “work in progress” tour. We were there a year ago Thanksgiving and drive by the site then. Congratulations on getting it done in 12 months, particularly on island time!

    Best, Ted Gupton

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Oh WOW! Congratulations. What you’ve accomplished is nothing short of AMAZING! Good job – there are just no other words. We pray all of your family will be able to enjoy the fruits of your L-O-N-G labors. May Sundancer Villa be a place offering many blessings to many folks. May it survive ALL of the hurricanes to come its way forever!!! AMEN!

    Love & blessings from us to all of you. ~Diana&Bill~


  3. And we thank you for keeping us posted of the whole process. We can truly appreciate all that has gone into the Villa’s planning, construction and more. ~D&B~


  4. AMAZING JOB! Looks great and can’t wait to stay with some girl friends soon and start new memories at the new Sundancer!!


  5. Bob and Carol Ann you cannot know how happy this makes me for you. We’ve experienced so many changes and challenges over the last couple of years. I so look forward to returning to Sundance II spring 2020. Everything will then be right with the world. Thank you, Cindy Ford


  6. Hi Bob and Carol Ann,
    We are so elated for you both and your family on the rebuild of Sundancer! We had spent 17 years renting from you. We were also devastated by the results of the hurricanes. We have been following all your blogs throughout the rebuild. The new Sundancer is magnificent and we are so happy for you. We will be on island in February and would love to finally meet you both if possible. We also would be interested in potentially renting from you again in June/July? Please be in touch with availability and cost. Again Congratulations! Kristy and Vin Yacenda


  7. Great pictures Bob. love the driveway shot ! kind of sums up the entire project…..many many doing what they do. pool looks so inviting….glad you are able to finally enjoy it and sundancer as your shelter. the drone shots are amazing. thanks so keeping us informed, we all feel a part of the joy in its resurrection. Sharon



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