A dash to the finish!

Lots and lots of progress since last post. All of the cement board (Durock) was installed both inside and out. All of that board was taped and plastered immediately afterwards and the lovely stucco finish was applied to the exterior of the house and the retaining walls. Lots of work with great impact!


It was suggested that we hold off on the interior stucco until the ceilings and floor tile are installed. Ceilings are now done and cement board has been laid on the floors in anticipation of the floor tile. The tile is on St. Thomas and once it arrives here on Monday or Tuesday we can bring it to the site and our tile installers are standing by to start.

The long awaited decking project is underway with the view side of the upper and lower decks about done and the larger north side (entrance) and pool deck underway this week.


We had two excavation machines on site all day Saturday and they cleaned up some dirt piles, back filling between the old stable stone wall and the new lower retaining wall. We can see that the area will be a delightful area for landscaping which will immediately great guests on arrival and nicely viewed from both levels of the house.


Excavators dug out the space for the new “tertiary” septic system which was installed today, Sunday. More on that system in a future post.


I was given the green light to fire up the electrical system thus most of the lighting is installed as well as outlets and switches. As they are installed I am able to test each circuit using our temporary power. Discovered some glitches, but so far have been able to work around them. (The plaster crew covered up a couple of my switch and outlet boxes!)  Been a long time since I carried a tool belt for so lone, but running up and down ladders and stairs seems to be keeping me healthy despite no pickleball.


In my last post, I failed to acknowledge my very close friend and business partner who flew down a couple of weeks ago when Rob was up north. It was more than a social visit and I may have worked him a little to hard. We enjoyed our visit though.


Here is one for the books! On Thursday a couple of our workers were busting up the short wall next to the driveway which has been deteriorating since as long as we have owned Sundancer. Late in the day we discovered that one of the windows in the master bathroom may have taken a stray stone and the glass was broken. But check out this photo.


While it looks like two circles, it is actually one perfectly round hole at the top and the piece of glass that broke fell inside between the panes. Super strange!

On our research, the only thing that comes up is the possibility of a defect in the manufacturing of the outside piece of glass. We have appealed to the window manufacturer.

Finally, today, Sunday, was the first day of a combination holiday and Sundancer inspection for Rob’s family, wife/Sundancer Architect/Interior Designer Na’ama and their two daughters, Rachel (17) and Maya (13).  They will be staying at the Weston Resort for the week, but, of course their first stop was at Sundancer.


It was a treat for Rob and I to share our 9 months of work previously shared only with words and pictures.  Here is a bit of their reactions.

Until next time.


Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

4 thoughts on “A dash to the finish!”

  1. Totally fabulous and so wonderful to see NaMa Thanks Bob Looking forward to the next post Love Susan

    Sent from my iPhone Susan Blasi



  2. It’s exciting to see all the new design and progress from the old. It’s looking GREAT! Can’t wait to stay in your home again Bob and CarolAnn! Miss you guys.


  3. Absolutetly marvelous! A wonder to behold! So glad the family could get to see it at this stage. BUT – what do you project for this new hurricane approaching??? We pray she’ll miss you completely. But do let us know.
    Lotsa love to you & Carol Ann & to Rob et.al. ~D&B~
    BTW: We are currently in No. Cali. in the area of Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park. We drove thru’ the park Sat. on the way to our AirB&B rental Cottage, essentially in the middle of nowhere, we love it here. But it’s over 104 F- NOT fun! 😦


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