Closer to the end than the Beginning!

August 9, 2019

Mucho progress since last post.  Biggest change is the installation of the cement board (Durock) over the SIP walls both inside and out.  That was preliminary to the process of the stucco finish. (There is a layer of Tyvec house wrap on the exterior SIPS under the Durock.) After the Durock is hung, the seams are taped and coated with a concrete product. By the way, the purpose of the Durock is that it is much stronger and heavier than conventional wall boards and impervious to water.

Next comes completely covering the walls with plaster, also known as the “scratch coat or thin set”. When the plaster is cured, then comes the actual stucco which comes in five gallon pails and contains the final color of the house.   (You will see that on next post.)

Rob had to pick up 40 pails of the stucco (brand name “Total Wall”) and nearly killed our truck! (40 pounds per pail = 1,600 pounds in a half ton pickup truck!)  But he eventually got them to Sundancer and we expect plastering to be completed this week and start on stucco next week.

Truck with StuccoIn the meantime, we need to install the cypress ceilings inside of the house before they stucco the walls and Rob and his crew are doing that as I write. As you can see the ceilings will be pretty neat.  (I have been home for about 10 days and return on Monday.)

Ceiling 1

Note that the scratch coat is done on this wall.

Below are some exterior shots.  Note that the porch roofs are now complete with the posts all painted as well as the roof rafters which you can’t see from these shots.  Note too that the house main roof is done with the first coat of the silicone roofing material applied.  (two more to go.)  As you can see also, the pool stairs are formed and waiting for concrete as is a bench along the western wall.  At the bottom of the lower right photo you can see the decking that will be installed when the exterior stucco is completed.  (Otherwise, decking could get splattered.)

Finally, as you can see here I have installed the breaker box and begun installing cables and breakers. (Trying to keep things neat as I hear the inspector likes a neat breaker box……me too.)

Just for nostalgia, here is a lovely sunset Rob and I witnessed at dinner from the bar of Ocean 362 in Cruz Bay.


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Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

4 thoughts on “Closer to the end than the Beginning!”

  1. Thanks Bob. Cypress ceilings are impressive, functional and warming. Nice! I enjoyed the details of finishing the walls… . A beautiful job well done.

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  2. Hi, Bob:

    How exciting to see such progress, that your “project” is actually getting to look like the house/villa you’ve envisioned! 🙂 I expect you’ll proceed relatively quickly from here. We thank you for keeping us updated. We know that the Villa is a “labor of love,” for both you and Rob – and of course ALL of your family. Keep up the good work, and get it DONE! 🙂 Best wishes. Lotsa love, ~Diana&Bill~

    PS – That sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous! Show it off wherever you can! I can see a large 20×16 inch print, framed and proudly displayed on a special wall in the finished Villa! 🙂


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