Sundancer Outdoor Areas Taking Shape!

Mucho progress since last post! Last time, masons were forming the pool and the final columns for the deck posts. As you can see below, all of that is completed but not on the schedule we had hoped for.


Both Rob and I went to his home where much of our family gathered to celebrate his youngest daughter and our youngest grandchild, Maya’s Bat Mitzvah. It was a great party joining with Rob & Na’ama’s friends and scores of Maya and Rachel’s friends.

Rob returned to STJ on the 27th and I continued my break with Carol Ann joining Sherri and her family in Rhode Island before returning to Florida for a few days of rest and polishing off a short “honey do” list.

A cascading series of events delayed our last major concrete pour. First it was rain. Than a broken down pump truck. Then after the pour, a no show excavator operator. The “no show” triggered our losing the rented excavator machine to another commitment. Argh!

While I was not here, I worked the phone from Sherri’s on what is known on St. John as the “Coconut Telegraph” and found a contractor who was able to send a machine and operator the next day (last Tuesday).

He back filled around post columns and the following day Rob and Neville attacked the west side deck with a vengeance! The 6×6 posts and beams went up in a day followed by the deck joists and quickly after that the roofing system which will provide protection for the outdoor dining and sitting area.

Rob and Neville doing some heavy lifting.  Believe me when I tell you that Rob is surely a perfectionist! Every detail is minded to and precision and strength are the rules!

This is the rafter system for the roof which will cover outdoor dining area and sitting area on the west (sunset) side.  On the right is the porch which runs the width of the house from corner outdoor dining area to the east side and the master bedroom.  Four seven foot sliding doors along this corridor.  Plenty of light!

Here is a shot on the newly installed lower level entry door.  Believe me, these doors and windows are really nice and all glass is “impact, hurricane” glass.


Simultaneously, negotiations were completed with the stucco contractor. Recall that the panel walls and all interior framed walls will be sheathed in half inch cement board and then stucco will be applied both inside and out! The cement board arrived this week along with the decking and some other materials.

We took the truck to St Thomas today (Saturday) and picked up the first load of stucco pails. I dropped Rob at the airport to fly home for time with his family.

The stucco crew is scheduled to start a week from Monday and in the meantime we plan to finish installing the exterior doors. make some outdoor lighting adjustments and organize our place to allow the stucco crew space to work. (Quite a task!)  They will start with the interior.

In the meantime the continuing saga of the electrical and plumbing permits finally played itself out. After securing the two necessary permits, I had a little more to do before calling for an inspection. The next day a crew of inspectors showed up unannounced and began touring the project with the main focus on electrical. After a few minor suggestions and one surprisingly helpful one, they were leaving and I asked if I was ready for the inspection. They replied “Sure” and as we left in the afternoon we were surprised to see the most coveted green inspection sticker on our permit notice at the end of the driveway. With magic words “Inspected.  In Compliance with Code!  Just to be sure, I formally applied for both plumbing and electrical inspections for last Wednesday when they typically come to STJ. That morning, I called the inspector about their visit and he said “We are not coming back. We were just out there. You are good to go.” To be sure I clarified that that was for both inspections? And he replied “Yes”. (Nobody even looked at the plumbing! Go figure!)


Anyway, that’s it for now.



Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

3 thoughts on “Sundancer Outdoor Areas Taking Shape!”

  1. Inspected ! Whew !!

    Beautiful post….lots of progress. The decking offers more of a completed picture. One Magnificent Project. Thanks for sharing Bob.



  2. Wow! Whatalotofprogress! Congratulations for everyone’s fortitude and patient endurance. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. You and your family are AWESOME! 🙂

    Lotsa love & God’s blessings to you all. ~D&B~


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