May Day at Sundancer!


May Day! My goodness! Where to start?

Doors and windows being installed. Roof is coated and sealed,

15 masons every day. Lots of Spanish music, Spanish yelling and laughing, but that’s the way it is! Exhausting! They poured the footings for the huge 12” wide, 30’ long retaining wall between the driveway and the pool.

For those familiar with the former, constantly moving, stone retaining wall, this will be an incredible and permanent improvement! I wasn’t here but Rob said it took about two minutes to knock down that old one.

In addition, they poured two other footings that will support the middle and view end of the pool. For those familiar with construction, those footings were stripped and as I write they are nearly finished building the huge forms for the full retaining wall and the supporting walls for the pool. They will pour all of that on Tuesday.

In the meantime just about all of the rough electrical is done and the bulk of the rough plumbing is in place. Kudos to the plumber and electrician…..Oh, that would be me!

I am returning to my bride today (Friday) for a little R&R and Rob will hold down the fort. I know he is anxious to get the excavator back in action to backfill and get all of the many deck post footings poured so he can start on the extensive decks that will nearly surround the house.

Here are a couple of links to walk through videos I shot last night.


Next Time!  Thanks for your interest.

Bob Faucett from out of the office.

Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

3 thoughts on “May Day at Sundancer!”

  1. So are you a certified plumber and electrician now ?

    I know The Villages could use your services in the Village of Fenney.


  2. WOW! It’s progressing really fast now! And the plumber/electrician has done such a super job! 🙂 Of course, anything that guy (YOU!) does is most well done – ALWAYS! We’re excited for you. Keep up the good work – you’ll be enjoying the fruit of your labors very soon! And I bet that home will be the envy of the island when the next hurricane arrives! 🙂 Hi to Rob and Carol Ann. We love you all! ~D&B~


  3. Impressive to say the least gentleman….. take time healthy mentally and physically….
    After 24 days of rain here in Rhode Island, I do enjoy seeing blue sky’s in your photos…


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