Four Months and Running

This is near the anniversary of our fourth month being in St. John on our project.  The last couple of weeks have been quite eventful. You may recall that we were held up by some beams that had to be replaced by our truss supplier because the originals were sent with non treated lumber the first time. We got just so far and had to work around the missing beams. They finally arrived on last Monday and we had to take the truck to St. Thomas to pick them up. We put the truck to a test as the four 18’ beams weighed in at 1250 pounds. We took the opportunity to pick up other supplies including plumbing and roof coating and the prerequisite visit to Home Depot.


While waiting for the beams, the lower level interior walls were erected and furring stips added to the old basement walls as well.

Once the beams arrived on site the crew quickly put them in place and continued the process of installing the second floor decking, the master bedroom wall panels and finally the roof panels.  This is the last wall panel being installed!


We can today officially declare that the structure is now complete! Hooray!


During this time I have been pulling electrical cable and drilling holes for the first floor electrical which is just about complete as is the wire for the fans and lights in the roof panels for the kitchen and living room.

Carol Ann joined us for a visit last Sunday and daughter Sherri and granddaughter Maree Rose arrived Tuesday. They all return home on Tuesday as did I for a few days off. When I return next Tuesday, Rob will depart on Thursday for a couple of well deserved weeks with his family.


I put Maree Rose to work cleaning up around the property and helping me pull wires.

IMG_1199Today (Thursday) Rob tells me, an excavator will arrive with a hammer attachment to begin ripping up the stone wall that was between the driveway and the old pool.  (Note that the driveway is now clear of SIPs!)

IMG_3411Everything left of the orange line goes away.  A large concrete footing will be installed beneath that space and a new concrete retaining wall will be build about 5 feet to the left.  This will separate the driveway from the new pool which will go in fairly soon.  (BIG job.)

While that is going on, we will be putting up the second floor interior walls, applying the first coat of silicone roofing surface and waterproofing the new cistern. We will also complete the rough wiring and begin installing the rough plumbing.

By that time, exterior doors, windows and a large amount of lumber for the deck and porch framing will be on site and Rob will undertake that phase.  Those materials should arrive the week after next while Rob is with his family.

Here are a couple of random photos:

Thanks for your interest.  Back to you soon.   Bob

Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

5 thoughts on “Four Months and Running”

  1. Thanks for the update Bob. An amazing amount of coordination taking place….dizzying! 😊🌺🐚

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Great News!!!

    Doing a wonderful Job it will be spectacular once it is completed!

    Marianna Pisano
    Office/Operations Manager
    10 Midland Ave Ste 202
    Port Chester , New York 10573
    Tel: 914-253-9446 Fax: 914-253-9001
    Toll free: 800-777-7432


  3. Yes – HOORAY! And WOW! What a project. Glad to know you guys are taking time for your families, too. We know when it’s done it’ll be a treasure for ALL of you.

    Congratulations on the progress so far – keep at it – – – – –

    Lotsa love to you and Carol Ann & all. ~Diana&Bill~


  4. Hi Bob and Carol:
    What an amazing amount of work that has been completed!!! I’m so excited to see the new version of Sundancer. May 2020 Bob?
    Thank you for keeping us all posted on the progress.
    Cindy Ford
    Barrington, NH


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