Racing Along!

St. Patty’s day and rocking and rolling!

As anticipated on our last post the two new rooms on the lower level were are completed. New bedroom on east side, utility/laundry and storage on right and re purposing old basement as bedroom in the middle.

Above them is now installed a truss system which supports the upper floor and walls. The trusses arrived right on time…..but not without issue. When we inspected the shipment, we quickly detected that two sets of laminated wood was not pressure treated which, in The Islands is a non negotiable feature. Untreated lumber is the preferred diet of all of those termites you all see in those nests in the trees all over. Those little guys can detect untreated wood in no time at all and when they return to the nest, they are treated like royalty by their nest mates as they all start building tunnels directly to Sundancer! Not good.

IMG_1127 (1)

Here is Rob, sitting atop the Truss shipping rack talking with the supplier about the untreated lumber in the pile!

Bottom line, the supplier screwed up. After some tense negotiation they agreed to send four treated glue-lams (laminated beams) to replace the untreated ones. While they have been delivered to the port in Florida for shipment, they won’t arrive here until a week from Monday.

In the meantime we were able to continue working on the second floor except for the north half of the master bedroom where the missing beams are required.

And the walls start to go up!

Note the sliders Na’ama and Rob designed are 7 feet wide compared to the 6 feet sliders in the original Sundancer.

Here is a link to a video taken yesterday.

We had the pleasure of hosting long time friend and St. John guest of some 35 years, Father Patsy Iaquinta of West Virginia. Patsy jumped right in and did some heavy lifting during this past very eventful week.


We were also pleasantly surprised to greet long time Sundancer guests Dan and Lisa Lowery who were visiting STJ and came out to mourn the loss of Sundancer and offer some moral support in the rebuilding.


On Monday, the crew will begin to install the roofing on the west side. We move into the next phase and are delighted with the progress so far and the coming challenges. We have a good crew including a gifted carpenter from Jamaica (Neville) and a strong, pleasant young man from the Dominican Republic. (Salvatore). Language is a bit of an issue for Salvatore, but he could not be more pleasant and helpful.


Keep in touch folks.


Author: Bob Faucett

Bob and wife, Carol Ann own Sundancer Villa in Fish Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

7 thoughts on “Racing Along!”

  1. WOW! It’s getting really exciting now! Keep up the great work. Do have a blessed week, and God willing may those proper trusses arrive as scheduled!

    Lotsa love to you both. ~Diana&Bill~


  2. Awesome! You all must be very excited with the progress. We were just talking about St John and how much we loved Sundancer the other day. We hope to return one day.



  3. Very impressive. I bet those old muscles are begining to ache. In fact after watching the video, I think I’ll take a little nap.

    Keep up the great work. Something really inspiring.


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